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Raising Kids Who Can

"Easy-to-read, logically presented, and filled with many helpful examples. Raising Kids Who Can will not only lead to better family meetings, but to better families." - Michael H. Popkin, author of Active Parenting.

"This book is a little gem that succeeds in a big way. Raising Kids Who Can lays out a readable, doable map for families (and teachers) seeking to develop structure and cooperation in a friendly atmosphere." - The Family Psychologist, American Psychological Association

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A Parent's Guide to Understanding and Motivating Children

"This is a clear and concise guide for all parents. In a very practical way it helps the parents understand their child's behavior and misbehavior. It is a very encouraging book. It is a great relief for someone to put into words the worries we all have as parents and to illustrate techniques that will help in the solution of everyday problems. It deals especially well with creating cooperation within families. I believe it could become your constant companion in the struggle that we all have in trying to bring up our children to be responsible, caring, and likable adults. Highly recommended.": Ruth Farrell, Parents' Network of Ireland.

"Robyn Pound is a health visitor with a special interest in helping parents find a new way of disciplining children... One book she has found very helpful is A Parent's Guide to Understanding and Motivating Children..." London Times.

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Raising Kids Who Can Parent Study Group- Leader's Guide for A Parent's Guide to Understanding and Motivating Children and Raising Kids Who Can

This Guide is designed to help parent study group leaders, counselors, social workers and therapists teach the concepts and strategies outlined in Raising Kids Who Can and A Parent's Guide to Understanding and Motivating Children.

The Leader's Guide is divided into three sections. The first section provides some tips to help you run your groups. The second and third sections present two courses of six sessions each. Both courses emphasize the importance of developing the Crucial Cs, the beliefs that one is connected to others, a part of family and community, capable of taking care of oneself; and is valued by others, has the knowledge that one counts and makes a difference, and had the courage needed to meet life's challenges. The courses also focus on how parents can develop four sets of essential skills in their children: communication skills, the ability to use good judgment and make wise decisions, self-discipline, and the ability to assume responsibility.

The design of both courses includes brief presentations of relevant material by the Leader, experiential exercises to reinforce the concepts, time to practice new skills, and the opportunity for parents to get help with their concerns.

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Cinderella, The Sequel (a fairy tale for adults!)

"'When the fairy tale ends and real life begins' is the subtitle of this enchanting and therapeutic tale. Lew and Bettner astutely realize that falling in love and getting married are only the first 'comparatively easy' steps in the process of building a lasting relationship.

In Cinderella, the Sequel we see what happened between Cinderella and Prince Charming and they learned to live together and understand one another.

...Lew and Bettner make very helpful concrete suggestions appropriate for any couple who need help continuing to work on a relationship... This charming metaphor would be invaluable to ... couples and individuals who struggle with relationships..."

-Terry Kottman, Ph.D. (Author of Adlerian Play Therapy), The Family Journal, International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors.

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Responsibility in the Classroom

"In Responsibility in the Classroom Amy Lew and Betty Lou Bettner present a theoretical construct and practical, accessible strategies and suggestions for developing caring, respectful relationships between teachers and students and among students and a cooperative classroom community. They pride a framework to help teachers understand children's behavior and develop strategies for achieving the Crucial Cs: feeling connected, capable, knowing that you count, and developing courage... Their approach is an optimistic one... Developing the Crucial Cs becomes a guiding principle in creating a sense of community in the classroom..." - Pamela Seigle, director, Reach Out to Schools, Social Competency Program, The Stone Center at Wellesley College.


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